Product Spotlight: Party Animals

September 28, 2017

Our festive products give new meaning to the words "party animal". From elephants to polar bears, our feathered and furry friends have gathered to celebrate your special event. 

It all started in 2015 with the release of our party animals gift wrap, which has gone on to become one of our best-selling patterns.

Party animals wrapping paper by Revel & Co.

We added to the party this year with two new animal birthday cards: our party zebra in pink and party polar bear in blue.

Party animal birthday cards by Revel & Co.

This year we also added a new Halloween card with our friends in their best costumes. I giggle every time I look at the mummy meerkat! And because the flamingos really hate to miss out on any kind of celebration they also got their own birthday card.

Birthday Flamingo and Halloween Cards by Revel & Co. 

We finished the celebration with the ultimate party decor: a balloon with our party hare!

Party hare latex party balloon by Revel & Co.


If you have an idea for a party animal that we should add to our collection, please let us know! There's always room for one more animal at the party.

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