July Playlist: Hop in, I'll Drive

July 22, 2016

I've lived in cities, where I could walk pretty much anywhere I wanted to go. And I've lived in the country, like I do now, where it seems I need to drive forever just to get out of my own back yard! Luckily, I love driving and also, sometimes, being a passenger: the scenery can be knock-my-boots-off gorgeous around these parts.

I've always loved road trips, too, though such long drives seem almost decadent (impossible?) given the warp-speed of life these days. Think of this month's playlist as a sort of map for your next road trip --- whether you take it on the road or in your mind. For me, these songs say: hop in, I'll drive!

Click here to start your road trip.

Revel & Co. July Play List

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