Favorite Squares: Botanical

October 23, 2017

Some people may think I'm a crazy plant lady. It's true... Plants are like puppies in that I want to keep every one that I see!

We're starting our Monday off with some of our favorite squares from Instagram that speak to our botanical obsession.


Favorite Squares by Revel & Co.: Little Leaf Shop

I just love the pops of raspberry and hot pink at Little Leaf Shop, Washington, DC.


Favorite Squares by Revel & Co.: Vintage Magnolia

Everything is awesome in this stunning tablescape from our new favorite florist (and also a new stockist!), Vintage Magnolia from Colorado.


Revel & Co. Favorite Squares: Mas Beyondo Photography

One of my favorite photos ever by Mas Beyondo Photography (who happens to be my brother, Scott!).

Do you know of a great botanical themed Instagram account that we should follow? Please let us know.

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