Behind the Scenes: The New Revel & Co. Warehouse

March 31, 2016

Tons of exciting things have been happening behind the scenes this month, but the biggest news is that we have a new warehouse and office space! The building has a large warehouse section and an 1,100 square foot office space. We've been completely crammed into a 1,000 square foot space for years so we can't wait to expand! In addition to all the new space we'll have (yay!), the warehouse is located right on the Colorado River, so a quick canoe ride is literally only about 20 steps away.

 Revel & Co. Warehouse

We signed the paperwork earlier this month and immediately began to gut and renovate the 1,100 square foot office space. The building used to be home to a business that supplied fittings, doodads and thingy-ma-jigs to the mining industry. Let's just be polite and say that cleanliness was not high on their list of priorities, so we have a ton of cleaning and freshening up to do...

Revel & Co. warehouse before renovation

I had my heart set on stained concrete floors in the offices, so we pulled out the old carpet and I nearly cried when I saw that it had all been glued to the floor. It took approximately 30 gallons of adhesive remover and more than 100 hours of scraping and scrubbing floors on my hands and knees, but I have finally reached the original concrete floor! 

Revel & Co. warehouse renovation

Throughout this ordeal only two things kept me going: 1) the view of the Colorado River from the office and 2) the vision of the final space that I have in my head. 

In the coming weeks, I'll continue to document our progress here. For now I'll leave you with these inspiration images that perfectly sum up my vision for the office: white walls, white trim, black windows, and a dark gray concrete floor, with blush and copper accents. 

Revel & Co. warehouse inspiration

Revel & Co. office inspiration

See more of this beautiful space here


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